USC Rowing Rain Patricia Toth McCormick

Rowing is a great sport; are you up to it?

  • FITNESS – Pound for pound, rowers are the strongest athletes on earth! Rowing exercises every major muscle group, builds cardio & aerobic stamina, and has the lowest injury risk possible. It is truly a lifetime sport!
  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED – Our coaches teach you how to row!
  • EVERYONE RACES – If you practice, you compete. No bench warmers!
  • INCLUSIVENESS – We have both a men’s & women’s crew team. All rowers compete with other rowers of similar size & experience from all over the area.
  • FRIENDSHIP – Rowers build new friendships and memories to last a lifetime!
  • TEAMWORK – Rowing is the ultimate team sport; athletes work together to balance the boat, row in perfect unison, and achieve success!

Are you up to it, please send an email to or fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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