Grrr…eight news!

A little update for everyone as we prepare for the Spring Season. Dates and details for our Regattas and other Spring Season events will follow very shortly – and in the meantime, we are excited about what has been happening off the water!

As time has marched on with the ever changing realities of life in a pandemic, our focus has been consistent: do everything safely possible to provide a great experience for these student athletes, while looking ahead for the long term health and growth of USC Rowing Association. A big part of this has been addressing the needs for replacing and improving the fleet of boats, and accompanying equipment. Through grants, fundraising, and the continued growth of the team, much has been done to that end. The list includes:

  • set up of an Association Management Platform
  • new equipment trailer
  • complete rehab of the boat trailer
  • new launch boat (for coaching practices)
  • new team tent (for use at Regattas)
  • purchased two brand new additional “singles” rowing boats and oars
  • updated online registration, communication, and payment systems
  • sold equipment that was no longer needed
  • purchased additional “eight” and oars
  • A brand new quad (4 person) rowing boat purchased, that will be delivered in spring 

The most recent acquisition, an eight person rowing shell from Cornell University, comes with a great legacy of rowers associated with that boat. Tracy Eisser, 2 time world champion, 4 time national team member and 2 time Olympian, (now Cornell coach and the person who we purchased the boat from); Kate Roach – CRCA first team all American and U23 bronze medal, National team in 4x; Taylor Goetzinger Member of the US U23 team; Hilary German, Coached the boat to the Silver Metal at Eastern Sprints and went on to be an assistant coach for the US Olympic team. Click this link to see our boat in action at Cornell!

The boat was recently picked up from Ithaca – NY and has found it’s home in our boathouse!

We know our strength lies not only in numbers, but in our sense of TEAM, and our rowers’ and coaches’ dedication to each other and their sport. 

Let’s Go USC Rowing!!

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