USC Rowing CREW Midwest Scholastic 2022

Midwest Scholastics 2022

A combination of bad weather and river conditions in the Pittsburgh Area made for a disappointing start to the Spring 2022 season…until the weather finally allowed us to race!
Saturday and Sunday, May 14th & 15th, was the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Championships, hosted at Kent Lake in Kensington Metro Park, just outside Detroit, Michigan.

This regatta is a qualifier for both USRowing Youth Invitational Regatta and the Scholastic Rowing Association of America National Championships.

The lake had an eight lane fully buoyed 1500 meter course, with 54 Teams, representing 7 states competing.

USC Rowing Results:

  • Womens Novice 8+: 9th; 2nd place in B Finals
  • Mens Jr Varsity 2x A: 4th; 3rd place in Finals
  • Mens Jr Varsity 2x B: 17th
  • Womens Novice 4+: 22nd place
  • Mens Novice 4+: 28th place
  • Womens Jr Varsity 4x: 4th; 5th place in Finals
  • Womens Jr Varsity 2x A: 1st; 4th place in Finals
  • Womens Jr Varsity 2xB: 6th place
  • Womens Varsity 2X: 12th place

In the discipline Women Sculling, USC Rowing ended 10th place out of 54 teams (second place for the Pittsburgh Area)
In the discipline Mens Sculling, USC Rowing ended 7th place out of 54 teams (second place Pittsburgh Area)

Exciting development!

As a result of earning the bronze medal in the Mens Jr Varsity 2X, Lan de Jong and John Marsh received a bid for US Rowing Youth Nationals in Camden, NJ! This is the first time for USC Rowing since 2017. We will be cheering for them as they race on May 27th, and are so excited for this wonderful accomplishment! 

Great dedication and hard work from the team & coaches this winter paid off; This was one of the best Midwest Regatta results for USC Rowing!

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