Head of the Ohio – October 7, 2018

All-Academic Team Award

Congratulations to the many rowers on the team that were recognized in the USC Athletic Director’s 2017-2018 Athletic Academic Report!

As a team, Rowing earned the All-Academic Team Award in recognition of a total team GPA of 3.5 or better throughout the year.

Individually, two rowers (Britta Wheeler and Madelyn McConaghy) earned the All-Academic Award for having a 4.0 GPA or better for the year.  Nine rowers (Jack Shephard, Charlie Ortiz, Suemin Lee, Amanda Shaffer, Reese Benonis, Sujay Banerjee, Vivian Boettger, Christopher Wright, and Kyra Hughes) earned the All-Scholar Award for having a 3.7 to 3.99 GPA or better for the year.

Pittsburgh Sprints – April 29, 2018

  • Women’s Varsity 2X Gold Medal:  Maddie McConoughy & Vivian Boettger
  • Womens Lightweight 2X Silver Medal:  Kyra Hughes & Amanda Schaeffer
  • Women’s Varsity 4 Bronze Medal:  Maddie McConoughy, Vivian Boettger, Amanda Schaeffer, Patrice Boyd, Kyra Hughes (Coxswain)
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