Why USC Rowing?

  • Our head coach is a former Olympian (London 2012). You will learn from the best in Western PA!
  • Opportunities for national level competition
  • Opportunities for college scholarship!  There are approximately 90 NCAA Division 1 college and universities with rowing programs
  • Opportunity to earn a Varsity Letter and awards from USC High school.
  • Make new friends and challenge yourself with the sport that offers the best overall body workout
  • We also have multiple assistant coaches with amazing college and coaching experience including University of Tennessee

NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED – At a very early age we all gain some experience with soccer, baseball, basketball or football. Rowing is different! No one started at age 7 or 9.  No one has a head start — everyone starts in high school. Rowers are passionate about their sport because everyone has the opportunity to excel!

IMG_0658EVERYONE ROWS  – Even large high schools still only have 5 basketball players on the court and 11 football players on the field. Rowing is different – there are no bench warmers! All practicing members of USC Rowing compete in at least a few races, both home and away. We believe in getting as much time on the water and rowing experience as possible for each and every rower so they can be confident to compete.  Scholastic competition eligibility begins in High School.  Rowers younger than high school age are not eligible to compete in all races.

INCLUSIVENESS – Rowing is a unique sport in which there are many categories for competition allowing rowers to race others of similar size and experience! Categories include:

  • Novice – First-Year Rowers
  • Junior Varsity – Sophomores & Juniors
  • Varsity – Seniors

There are also specific weight classes for each category:

  • Flyweight – Girls <120 lbs. and Boys <145 lbs.
  • Lightweight – Girls <130 lbs. and Boys <160 lbs.

IMG_0080FRIENDSHIP – Rowers build new friendships and make great memories with their team-mates and rowers from other teams. There are 15 other high schools that compete in the Pittsburgh area including Mt. Lebanon, Fox Chapel, North Allegheny, Hampton, Central Catholic, North Catholic, Taylor Allderdice, and Pine Richland.

FITNESS – Get in shape! Rowing rivals swimming and cross-country skiing in the percentage of muscles used. Pound for pound, rowers are the strongest athletes on earth! Rowing is rated the #1 cross-training exercise for other sports. You will build strength in all major muscle groups including the arms, legs, back, abs, and heart.

DISCIPLINE – Rowing teaches athletes discipline! Students are expected to arrive at practice everyday and on time. Teammates depend on each rower.  When one is absent, boat assignments are disrupted and the workout is low quality. That makes for lots of peer group pressure for rowers not to miss a practice.

TEAMWORK –  Rowing is often called the ultimate team sport! Athletes need to synchronize their body movements with others in the boat to keep the boat balanced. As an 8- or 4-man shell rows down the race course, there are no standouts. Rowers strive for perfect synchrony!

SAFETY – Although every sport involves some injury, rowing avoids the traumatic brain injury that may result from many high school sports. Instead, rowing presents an incredible athletic challenge with minimal physical risk. It is a low-impact sport that provides life-long enjoyment.