USC Rowing CREW Pie Sale Spring 2023

Upper St. Clair Rowing Association Fall 2023 Pie Sale

Pie Sale Progress Report – as of November 11, 5:00PM (Final Report)

The Store will close promptly at 5pm on Sunday (11/12). Individual rower delivery sheets will be sent Sunday (11/12) or Monday (11/13) to our email of record. If you do not receive your delivery sheet please text Kelly Casali; 412.956.6597.

Download Door Hanger Sales Sheets

Download Sales Tracker Sheet

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Sale Dates

Saturday, October 7 (store opens at 8am) – Sunday, November 12 (store closes at 5pm)
Pickup/Delivery: Thursday, November 16 (details below)

Pies and Prices

10” Fruit Pies (All pies are $20, Pecan is $30) – pies are frozen, requiring ~1hr baking time.
The cost of the pecan pie is outside of our control, know that we do strive to be at a comparable price point to local bakeries.
• Apple
• Dutch Apple
• Pumpkin
• Peach
• Cherry
• Strawberry Rhubarb
• Caramel Apple Walnut
• Blueberry
• Very Berry
• Pecan ($30)

10” Cream Pies/Pumpkin Rolls (All pies are $20; Pumpkin Roll is $15) – pies are frozen, thaw and serve
• Lemon Meringue Pie
• Coconut Meringue Pie
• Chocolate Cream Pie
• Pumpkin Roll ($15, 22oz)


Washington City Mission
• Individuals not interested in purchasing a pie for personal consumption have the option to donate a pie to the Washington City Mission. Last year, our team provided 100+ pies to this great cause!

Capital Donations
• Individuals may also make a capital donation to the Rowing Association. Each $10 donation is the equivalent of one (1) pie from the rower’s quota.
• Capital Donations and Pies cannot be purchased in the same transaction (e.g., the same shopping cart). Please complete Capital Donations as a separate transaction. This is a known issue with the Square website. This should be resolved – 10/10/23


Yearly Quotas – include pie sales, pies donated to the Washington Mission, and capital donations (see above for pie equivalents)
• High School: 75 — This is 50 in the fall, 25 in the spring
• Middle School: 40 | This is 25 in the fall, 15 in the spring

Family Maximums – applicable to families with multiple rowers
• If you have two rowers on the High School Team your pie quotas are 125 total
• If you have one rower in High School and another in Middle School, your pie quota is 100 total

• All orders must be placed online: Please share via social media!
• Our online store provides descriptions and ingredient lists for all products.
The online store is limited to the 15241 zip code for pies only. If ordering for someone outside of USC, please use your address (consider delivery arrangements). On delivery day, it is your responsibility to deliver pies to your local customers.
• An associated rower must be selected when ordering a pie, or making a donation, in order to properly credit the rower for their quota.

Yard Signs
• We have ~22 yard signs available for $5/sign (cost covers production). Please contact us on the WhatsApp group if you would like sign(s).

Delivery Day

Pickup/Delivery (Thursday, November 16)
• Tentative location: Westminster Presbyterian Church Parking Lot, Devonwood Drive side.
• Pickup time is projected to be 2:30pm – 4:30pm. We will communicate details (it sometimes changes) as we get closer.
• We will be recruiting a volunteer team to assist with distribution, and we would greatly appreciate your help! Please contact us if you can help.
• It is the responsibility of each rower, or someone they designate, to pick up their pies within this timeframe.
• It is the responsibility of each rower to arrange for delivery to your customers.

Questions? Contact Us

Text: Kelly Casali (412) 956-6597
Text: Roy Casali (412) 519-2051

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