How to Import Rowing Event Calendar to iPhone

You can import our Event Calendar very simply to your iPhone. This is known as a “Subscription Calendar” and it will automatically update on your phone whenever new events are created or otherwise updated!

Please note these instructions are of iOS only, at this time, although the process for Android should be very similar.

Step 1: Getting to it!

Open up the Calendar app on your phone, and choose “Calendars” from the bottom.

Step 2: Adding a new Subscription Calendar

Add a new Subscription Calendar, by first tapping on “Add Calendar” at the bottom left corner, and then tapping on “Add Subscription Calendar”

Step 3: Adding the URL

Either paste this URL into the text box labeled “SUBSCRIPTION URL”, or you can actually tap on the URL and then tap on “Scan URL” and your phone’s camera will activate and you can point it at this web page, if you’re viewing this on some other device. Or just type it in, of course, that’s why I made it a somewhat readable URL for you. 🙂

Then just tap “Subscribe”!

Step 4: Wrapping Up

Lastly, you’ll get a confirmation page or two where you choose a color for calendar entries coming from USC Rowing, and you just need to tap Add on the upper right of the page after selecting a color.

All these instructions were written in Spring of 2022, against IoS 15, and are subject to change.

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